Michael Barz

email: michaelbarz AT princeton DOT edu

About me

I am a first year mathematics PhD student at Princeton University. My graduate studies are supported by the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship program. Thanks NSF!

My research interests are in algebraic geometry, number theory, and singularities. A recurring theme in arithmetic geometry is wondering what a `space' really is, and I really like this question -- although Poincaré had his own thoughts:

Mon doigt determine un point et c'est cela, et cela seulement, qui definit "un point de l'espace."


I have not yet had a chance to teach at Princeton, as I have been financially supported by the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

As an undergrad at Chicago, I was a TA twice for math 112, a course teaching elementary number theory (and an introduction to proofs) aimed at humanities students. I also volunteered on occasion for the Math Circles of Chicago.

I was a mentor for the Chicago REU in 2024. As a student, I participated in the REU three times, and had a blast each time -- thanks to Peter May for organizing it, and Matthew Niemiro for making my participation much more pleasant.


My favorite math textbook is Sally's Fundamentals of Mathematical Analysis. My favorite fiction books are The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy, and The Dream of Scipio by Iain Pears (not the one by Cicero!); I also love the music of Phillip Glass.

I once tried to understand art history research, and while I never got far, this quote from John Ruskin stuck with me:

Now -- pardon me for telling you frankly -- you cannot have good architecture merely by asking people's advice on occasion. All good architecture is the expression of national life and character; and it is produced by a prevalent and eager national taste, or desire for beauty.

I hope that I contribute to the mathematical nation's desire for beauty!

This website uses vim's gruvbox color scheme. Anton Outkine taught me how to add a photo to a webpage (he also taught me more important things...).